Committee for Responsibility in Research

Leibniz University Hannover offers its researchers and academics the opportunity to discuss risks of research projects in a supportive and competent way.

In July 2015, the University Senate decided to set up the Committee for Responsibility in Research, in which all member groups of the University are represented. The Committee assists researchers and academics by providing assessment and advice on the consequences of research, and the controllability and prevention of harmful use of research and its results. The Committee for Responsibility in Research thus complements the work of the Central Ethics Committee of Leibniz University, which focuses on ethical and legal aspects of research on humans. The most important task of the Committee for Responsibility in Research is, on application by researchers and academics, to provide opinions on research proposals.

Where required, members of Leibniz University may seek the advice of the Committee at any time. Please contact the Head of the Committee:

Further members of the Committee are:

For more detailed information see: