DFG-Review Board Election

When is the election?

The election will take place from Monday, 23 October 2023, 2 PM to Monday, 20 November 2023, 2 PM.

Review boards and their tasks

Review boards represent the German research landscape and monitor the review process.

The Review Boards:

  • evaluate applications for research funding,
  • also control the maintenance of common criteria in the assessment
  • and advise the DFG on issues relating both to the future development and design of funding programmes

In addition, they are particularly committed to the promotion of young scientists and the interests of equal opportunities.

The work of the scientists on this committee is honorary. The members of the Review Boards are elected every 4 years. Candidates for the Review Boards are nominated in advance, in particular, by the members of the DFG as well as by the scientific societies and faculty associations entitled to make such nominations.

Who can be elected??

Inform yourself in advance about the candidates. In the candidate list you can see who is electable. The list contains 1642 candidates. Altogether 646 places in 214 topics and 49 review boards are occupied. Leibniz University Hannover successfully placed 23 researchers on the DFG's candidate list.

Each person entitled to vote has a maximum of six votes. They can give up to three votes to one candidate. You can also divide your votes among candidates from different review boards or from different subjects. If you do not divide your vote(s) among your review board, we would be pleased if you support LUH candidates.

Why vote?

You have the right to vote, make use of it!


  • Who should represent you and your subject in Germany's most important funding organisation?
  • Who should evaluate your funding applications in the future?
  • Who should advise the DFG on the future developments and design of its funding programmes?

Who is eligible to vote?

The right to vote is governed by § 2 of the Election Regulations. This provision distinguishes two types of voting rights. In most cases, all researchers holding a doctorate are eligible to vote if they work in scientific or academic research at an established voting centre. In individual cases, the right to vote is granted on an individual basis by the DFG Senate.

The exact voting requirements are governed by § 2 of the Election Regulations.

All eligible voters are or have been requested by the electoral office of Leibniz Universität to check their entries in the electoral roll by a circular note. From the beginning of October (KW 41), all eligible voters entered on the electoral roll will receive their voting documents (by post). In case you are elgible, but have not receives  any notification, please contact the electoral office.

Contact at the election office of LUH

Gabriele Sennholz
Administrative/Technical Staff
Welfengarten 3
30167 Hannover
Welfengarten 3
30167 Hannover

Contact at Research and Innovation Service