Quality management in administration

Administrative departments of Leibniz University Hannover consist of the central university administration and administrative members of staff within faculties and other facilities. They support the university’s core missions – research, teaching, studies and transfer – via customer-oriented, efficient and high-quality services.

As service providers, the administrative departments continuously enhance their services and processes taking into account and in cooperation with researchers and students in order to create resource-efficient administrative processes that encourage innovation.

Guidelines for staff in leadership positions

The guidelines for staff in leadership positions of Leibniz University Hannover raise awareness of the importance of good leadership for success in the workplace and support staff in leadership positions in their roles.

Principles of service-orientation

The administrative departments of the university have agreed on principles of service orientation, in particular appreciative communication, transparent actions as well as qualified and solution-oriented advisory services.

Administrative benchmarking

Since 2005, Leibniz University Hannover is involved in benchmarking in the context of construction and buildings management of universities in Lower Saxony. The goal is to conduct a comparative analysis of current resources and the level of performance of individual universities in order to implement approaches for possible improvement with regard to effectiveness and efficiency. Data of the 17 involved universities is updated every two years and discussed in workshops on a yearly basis.

Process analysis and optimisation

The internal Organisational Development department provides subject-related and methodical support in the context of initiating, analysing and optimising processes. This includes planning and hosting workshops, conducting interviews as well as documenting results. 

Process optimisation focuses on supporting university goals in the best possible way, such as excellent research and teaching, ideal study conditions as well as increased internationalisation and digitalisation. Moreover, sustainability and accessibility are particularly important. Through cooperation between administrative and academic departments, processes are continuously enhanced in the interest of service orientation.

Contacting administrative departments via the central service email address

For general queries, comments or input addressing administrative departments of Leibniz University Hannover, please use the central service email address serviceoptimierung@zuv.uni-hannover.de . The Organisational Development department welcomes suggestions in order to discuss possible implementation options in cooperation with the service facilities.

In addition to answering queries, input provided via the service email address is analysed systematically every year for the purpose of quality assurance and the improvement of administrative services.