Quality management in teaching and learning

As a system accredited university, Leibniz University Hannover independently conducts quality management in teaching and learning. Quality management is part of the LQL programme (“Leibniz Qualität in der Lehre”). The LQL programme is based on data and discourse. Degree programmes are (re)accredited internally within the framework of the LQL review.

The LQL programme

High quality in teaching and learning is a fundamental aspect of Leibniz University Hannover and is achieved through effective interaction between central and departmental collaborators and measures.

Since the university’s successful system accreditation, internal quality assurance in teaching and learning is conducted within the scope of the LQL programme. The programme is based on a multi-level concept, which enhances different components of existing internal quality assurance measures in monitoring and evaluation. The LQL review represents the third level of quality assurance.

The following links provide background information on quality management, instruments, quality objectives, parameters, processes and services as well as further information on the LQL programme.

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