Offers for staff in leadership positions

Staff in leadership positions play a key role in the university's success. Their task is to specifically implement the overaching strategic goals of the university in each defined area. Their conduct as leaders has an influence on the job satisfaction, well-being, health and motivation of staff. They are architects of the working and organisational framework, as well as the management- and corporate-culture, all of which contribute to the success of the organisation. We can offer an extensive range of training and development opportunities to staff in leadership positions. Options include courses from the training and qualification programme, a modular programme with core aspects about successfull leadership, tailored support and referral to coaches all the way to special offerings on leadership in research and coping with addiction. 

The leadership guidelines at Leibniz University Hannover help manage employees successfully. The programmes for staff in leadership positions provide the support to embody the leadership guidelines and to master the challenges in their day-to-day lives as leaders.