During Your Stay


  • Registering at the citizens’ administration office (Bürgeramt)

    Depending on your place of residence, you are required to register with one of the citizens’ administration offices in Hannover. Please arrange an appointment online. The deadline is two weeks after your move-in date.

    For further information on which documents are required, please check the city of Hannover website.

  • Applying for a residence permit

    If you are not a German citizen, you may need to spend a fair amount of time at the foreigners' authority (Auslanderbehörde) after your arrival in Germany in order to apply for a residence permit.

    To apply for a residence permit, various formalities must be observed. For further information, please visit the city of Hannover website.

    Please arrange an appointment online with the foreigners' authority.

  • Health insurance

    You and your family will need to provide proof of health insurance coverage for the duration of your stay in Germany. Citizens of non-EU countries who cannot provide proof of health insurance may not be able to obtain a visa or – if they would like to stay longer than three months – a residence permit.

    Without sufficient health insurance coverage, EU citizens in Germany are in non-compliance with the provisions of the regulations governing the free movement of persons.

    Generally, you will need a German bank account to register for health insurance.

    More information is available here.

    Which health insurance do I need?  Get help here.

  • Liability insurance and other coverage

    In Germany, each citizen is liable for any damages caused to others. We strongly advise you to protect yourself against these risks by taking out liability insurance.

    Information on liability insurance and other useful insurance coverage can be found on the euraxess website:

  • Payslip

    Your monthly payslip is a written document detailing the composition of your salary. The following document is a sample payslip and includes additional information on individual entries.

    Sample payslip

Living in Hannover

  • Getting to know Hannover

    Located in the heart of Germany, Hannover is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Locals and students alike benefit from a broad spectrum of cultural facilities, sports activities, colourful festivals, a vast range of shopping facilities, and numerous green spaces for rest and relaxation.
    Enjoy the charm of an often underestimated metropolis and discover all the beautiful places in Hannover.

  • Healthcare

    Finding the right doctor:

    The GP is your first port of call (Allgemeinmediziner or Hausarzt).

    If necessary, your GP will refer you to a medical specialist (Facharzt). Ask your GP for a recommendation or let your GP arrange an appointment for you.

    Doctors can be found in the phone book or via Arztauskunft Niedersachsen.

    If you are looking for a doctor who speaks your native language, you are welcome to contact the International Office. We will be happy to assist you.

    In Germany, pharmacies (Apotheken) are responsible for dispensing medication.

    For medication that can only be prescribed by your doctor, you will receive a prescription in order to obtain the medication at the pharmacy.

    If you are insured by a statutory health insurance provider, you will need to contribute between €5 and €10 for most medication. The remainder is covered by your health insurance provider.

    If you are insured by a private health insurance provider, you need to pay for medications initially. After submitting a receipt, you will receive a full refund from the insurance company.

    Over-the-counter medicines, such as painkillers, may be obtained from pharmacies without a prescription. However, you will have to pay for them yourself.

    In an emergency, please call the following numbers:

    • Emergency Medical Services ☎112
    • Fire Brigade ☎112
    • Police ☎110


    On-call doctors: If you are taken ill in the evening or during the weekend.





  • Leisure activities

    The state capital Hannover offers a comprehensive range of leisure facilities and cultural activities. Enjoy the numerous events, museums, sports activities, and nearby sights and attractions. 

    The International Office at Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) also organises various events and leisure activities.

Family and Children

  • Services

    Equal Opportunities Office

    The Equal Opportunities Office provides services for students and employees of Leibniz University Hannover in order to help them achieve a better balance between university and family commitments. Support, tips and information for working and studying parents can be found here.

    The website provides information and lists workshops on various topics such as childcare or caring for family members.

    Family Service Office – City of Hannover

    Help with finding childcare; information about recreational activities, health and education; and tips on financial support for families.

    The city of Hannover's Family Service Office is only a short walk from Hannover central station and offers personal consultation and individual information for families, including numerous brochures, leaflets and online information such as the family portal at hannover.de. (Website currently in German, videos are available in 10 languages)

  • Outings

    There are numerous destinations for family outings in Hannover and the surrounding region. The following list includes places that your children will definitely like:

    Hannover Adventure Zoo

    SeaLife Hannover

    Swimming pools

    Zoological Gardens

    Wisent Park Springe

    Lower Saxony State Museum

    Superfly Trampoline Park

    Miniature golf

    Detailed information on these and other activities can be found on the tourism website of the city of Hannover.

  • Playgrounds

    There are many playgrounds in Hannover and the surrounding region where children can play, build sandcastles, lark around and have a kick about. The playgrounds, football pitches and play parks in Hannover offer a large variety of play equipment: ziplines, areas to play with sand and water, climbing frames, swings, rope bridges, play houses, and a wide range of other climbing activities.

    Further information on playgrounds can be found on the city of Hannover website:

    Brochure “Playgrounds in Hannover”

    Overview of playgrounds



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