Transparency of Project Results

Leibniz University Hannover supports free access to scientific information and aims to make the research results and publications of its scientific authors freely accessible to the public. These principles are set out in the Open Access Resolution of Leibniz University Hannover. In order to support its objectives, the university set up an Open Access Publication Fund in 2013. In 2015, Leibniz University Hannover established an institutional repository, in which academic staff can make their scientific publications available as Open Access full-texts, as first or second publications. In the area of research data, Leibniz University Hannover has developed a concept to support its academics in making their research data available via Open Access.

The majority of third-party-funded research at Leibniz University Hannover is carried out within the scope of DFG-funded projects and federal research funding programmes. These funders make the project results available to the public in their own databases. For expample, the German Research Foundation (DFG) uses its online database GEPRIS (German Project Information System) to provide descriptions of all DFG-funded projects. The results of projects funded by the federal ministries are generally freely accessible. With its "Funding Catalogue", the Federal Government offers an online database in which it is possible to search for research projects and their results. "Unimagazin" (“University Magazine”), published by Leibniz University Hannover, appears on a semi-annual basis and reports on current research projects at the University and their results in an easily comprehensible style.