Study Buddy Programme


Before the beginning of winter semester 2019/20 information events will take place to prepare local study buddies. Four dates are available, all of which are identical in content. The events are divided into three parts: an information section, a short intercultural workshop and a get together.

Buddies, who have already participated in an information event and intercultural workshop are welcome to join the get together!

- 02.09.2019, 17-20 h, Room 009, International Office

- 25.09.2019, 17-20 h, Room 009, International Office

- 10.10.2019, 17-20 h, Room 009, International Office

- 21.10.2019, 17-20 h, Room 009, International Office



The participation is obligatory for the receipt of a certificate of participation at the end of the semester!

Looking for a change in perspective and an opportunity to socialise?

You can do both without even leaving Hannover. The Buddy Programme brings together local and international students in Hannover.

Aims and objectives of the programme:

The Study Buddy Programme aims to foster intercultural exchange between international and local students. Furthermore, the programme supports international students at the beginning of their studies and provides them with a contact person to discuss everyday challenges in Germany.

As participation in the programme is voluntary, the form and frequency of the meetings depends on the individual commitment of the Buddies.

The programme offers numerous opportunities for recreational activities and further training, as well as support in case of questions or problems.

You are welcome to register for winter semester 2019/20:
Registration is possible until October 20, 2019.


The Study Buddy Programme addresses students of all subject areas who are enrolled at least in the second semester.


Many international students arrive in Hannover prior to the official start of the semester. To ensure support right from the start, local students should register between January and March or between July and September.


Local Buddies support international students and answer their questions about living and studying in Hannover. You are welcome to get in touch with your Buddy before his or her arrival in Hannover via email, or via other means of communication such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Local Buddies act as contact persons for International Buddies and meet them on a regular basis during the semester. It is entirely up to you whether you meet for coffee, practise your language skills, or prepare a meal together. If you need a written confirmation of your voluntary work (such as BIKO), certain requirements must be met.


Buddies who fulfil the programme requirements, will receive a certificate of participation (see link below). Participants must fulfil the following requirements over the course of the semester:

- participation at an information event including a workshop at the beginning of the semester

- reliable support of the International Buddy

- evaluation of the programme (see link below)

Buddies who fulfil the requirements, will receive a certificate of participation.

We appreciate your feedback:
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