Study Buddy Programme

Meet local students and get to know Hanover

Aims and Objectives of the Programme

The Study Buddy Programme aims to foster intercultural exchange between international and local students. Furthermore, the programme supports international students at the beginning of their studies and provides them with a contact person to discuss everyday challenges in Germany.

As participation in the programme is voluntary, the form and frequency of the meetings depends on the individual commitment of the Buddies.

The programme offers numerous opportunities for recreational activities and support in case of questions or problems.

You would like to...

  • meet local students in Hanover as quick as possible?
  • be picked up from the airport / train station in Hanover upon your arrival?
  • get to know German culture?
  • improve your German?
  • have your questions answered by an “insider”?

       Become a Buddy!

Information event

In order to prepare you as well as possible for your activity as an international buddy and to inform you about what to expect from your local buddy, an online information event will take place in advance. Participation is obligatory, only then you will receive the contact details of the local students who will be supervising you. You can choose between the following dates:  

09.03.2023 2pm (GMT+2)
15.03.2023 11am (GMT+2)

Registration for the Study Buddy Program

Registration for the Study Buddy Program for the summer semester 2023 is possible between 09.01.2023 and 11.04.2023.

Register here!

Please contact the Study Buddy Team, if you have any questions regarding the programme


  • Who can participate?

    All international students in their first semester at Leibniz University Hanover can participate who want to meet local students and would like help settling in at the university and in Hannover.

  • Are there any special requirements?

    You must be enrolled at Leibniz University Hanover and you should be interested in an exchange with local students. A valid email address must be provided with which we can contact you.

  • Why do I need a Study Buddy?

    The Study Buddy Programme aims to foster intercultural exchange between international and local students. Local study buddies help international students become acquainted with their studies as well as life in Germany and Hanover.

    Your buddy can help you with the following:

    • pick you up from the airport / train station in Hanover upon your arrival
    • help you with administrative aspects (visa application, formalities at the registration office, opening a bank account, getting health insurance)
    • meet with you regularly and undertake activities together
    • give you a guided tour of the campus or show you around Hanover
    • help with any queries or problems
  • When should I register?

    As soon as possible. Preferably, well in advance of your arrival in Hanover. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to be allocated a buddy. When registering, please ensure that all information entered is correct and then confirm your email address.

  • Who are the local buddies?

    Local buddies are students of Leibniz University Hanover who want to meet and support international students. Buddies may be German students or international students that have been studying in Germany for some time.

  • When will I be allocated a buddy?

    In most cases, buddies will be allocated before your arrival in Hanover. We cannot specify a date, as this depends on the number of students registering, the availability of local buddies and when you registered. Please contact the Study Buddy Team if you have any questions.

  • Will all international students be allocated a buddy?

    Due to the high volume of international students registering, it is unfortunately not possible to allocate all international students a buddy, but we will try our best.

  • What happens after matching?

    Once you have been allocated a buddy, you will receive an email with their contact details. You should contact your buddy via email to introduce yourself. That way you can already get to know each other before your arrival. Thereafter, it is up to you and your buddy when, where and how often you meet and what you do.

We are looking forward to your feedback at the end of the semester:
Julia Harmeling
Administrative/Technical Staff
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