A bumpy start - problems and doubts at the start of university

You may unexpectedly get off to a bumpy start at university. On this site you can find help and support for problems in your first weeks at university.

  • How to get a good overview of my studies?

    Especially in the beginning it can be hard to keep everything in mind.
    You can find support at:

    ...the course advice
    Here you get answers to questions about schedules, joining lectures or compulsory and elective modules.

    …Student councils 
    In many degree programmes students are organizes in student councils. These give advice and support to new students, especially in the first weeks of university.

  • How do I find new connection and contacts?

    The following list contains suggestions for ways of contacting other students.

    If you have a hard time in general with making contact with other people, consider the services of the  Psychological Counselling for Students.

    How do I make contact with other students?
    • Student councils
      Students from all semesters come together in the student councils
    • Student associations
      There are student associations for many hobbies and topics.
    • University Sport
      Like-minded students meet in the various sports groups
    • Facebook
      There is a Facebook group for all first-year students
    • Instagram
      Many student groups and the LUH operate an IG account
    • Meet & Eat
      Joint lunch for international students
  • Is it normal to struggle with new concepts and course contents?

    Learning at a university is very different from learning at school. It is quite normal to struggle in the beginning and not perform as well as you might be used to. it can be helpful to:

    If you have general problems with learning or doubts about your choice of degree programme, please contact the Student Advisory Services.

    If you suffer from exam anxiety, you can contact the Psychological Counselling for Students and get help.

  • My degree programme isn't what I thought it would be...

    Even if the choice of degree programme was well prepared, it can happen that doubts arise right at the beginning of your studies as to whether the right path was chosen. The degree programme may be completely different from what you expected or your own interests may be different from what you thought.

    If you are still not sure whether you are on the right track for your degree programme or not, you are welcome to use the counselling services of the Student Advisory Services

    If you are already sure that you do not want to continue studying your chosen degree programme, there are various options:

    • Changing programmes and subjects
      • If you want to change your degree programme or subject, you must reapply in the normal way. This is always possible during the usual application deadlines. Information on changing degree programmes at the University Hannover can be found here:
    • Waiving your Place of Study
      • If you have enrolled in the 1st Bachelor's or 1st Master's semester, you can still waive your chosen degree programme in the winter semester until 15 November and in the summer semester until 15 May. You will then be refunded the entire semester fee and the semester will not be counted. You can find the application form here:  
    • Withdrawn from the University 
      • If it is not (or no longer) possible to waive your place of study, you can apply for withdrawal from the university. You will then be withdrawn at the end of the semester or earlier, depending on your wishes. Depending on the date of withdrawal, the semester fee can be refunded in full, proportionally or not at all. You can find the application for withdrawal from the university here:
    The Student Advisory Services will be happy to help you with any questions regarding changing programmes, waiving your place or withdrawing from LUH.
  • I have problems with financing my studies or finding a place to stay...

    It doesn't always work out right away with a good flat, and financing your studies can also be more difficult than expected. This can be a great burden, especially at the beginning of your studies. If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Studentenwerk Hannover.

  • I have private worries. Where can I find support?

    With university, a whole new phase of life begins. The change can be a great challenge. But private circumstances can also lead to worries, fears or problems. You can find support at the Psychological Counselling for Students Service and at the Student Advisory Services.

Additional tips and support for problems during your studies

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Our service hotline will be pleased to assist you! Contact us via phone, e-mail or in person!
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