Welcome and Orientation Days

for all new international Students

Start Smart Program

The International Office (IO) organizes orientation days for all new international students (Bachelor, Master and exchange students) before the start of the lecture period. Here you will find important information about a successful start to your studies and the opportunity to ask questions and get to know other students.

Orientationweeks 2024

Orientationweeks Summer term 2024

The orientation weeks for the summer semester 2024 will take place online from 25-28 March 2024.  Face-to-face events will be offered from 2-7 April 2024. 

Start Smart | 12. - 28.03.2024

  • Program schedule

    12.03.2024 | Tuesday  

    • ­­ 10am - 2pm - Welcome Reception (Exchange Students)
    •  2 - 3:30pm - Pre-Arrival: Admission: Enrollment und Health Insurance  

    25.03.2024 | Monday 

    •  2 - 3:30pm - First Steps in Germany
    •  4 - 5pm - Foreigners Office City of Hannover 

    26.03.2024 | Tuesday

    • 2 - 3:30pm - First Steps at University
    • 4 - 5pm - ZQS Lernwerkstatt:  Study hacks for international Students 

    27.03.2024 | Wednesday 

    • 2 - 3:30pm - Well informed for your studies & Online Services 
    • 4 - 5pm - Introduction TIB library: Literature research

    28.03.2024 | Thursday

    • 2 - 3:30pm - Campus life, commitment and leisure, tips from students for students
    • 4 - 5pm - Ptb: Managing your ressources 

To register, please send an email to this address:


Please pay attention the registration is binding. You are expected to attend the entire Start Smart program. 

Program Orientation Days | 02.–06.04.2024

  • 02.04.2024 | 3pm – Campus tour and Welcome BBQ

    We will introduce you to the main campus facilities, so you'll feel ready and confident for the upcoming semester. Afterwards, we are inviting you to our beloved international BBQ - enjoy savory hot dogs, bond with fellow students, and yes, we've got delicious vegan options too! Let's kick off the semester with fun and flavor!

    When: Tuesday 02.04.2024, 3 pm

    Where: Meeting point is at the main entrance of the International Office

    Registration for all events down below


  • 03.04.2024 | 2pm – City tour through Hanover

    Discover the charm of Hannover through the eyes of LUH students! Join us as they guide you through their favorite city gems. Let's explore together!

    Duration of the tour: max. 2 - 2,5 hours

    Meeting point: In front of the main entrance of the international office.

    Registration: For all events down below.

  • 04.04.2024 | 2 - 5pm – Introduction TIB

    In this introduction to the library structure (TIB), you will get information and tips for use, online registration, workstations and searching for books. You will be split into groups. 

    Where: Meeting point is in front of the main entrance of the international office.

    Duration: About an hour 

    Registration: You can find the registration for all events down below. One week before the event you will get the possibility to choose between the three time slots. 

  • 05.04.2024 | 4pm – Intercultural Training (English)

    Life in Germany is still quite new to you and you would like to learn what you can do on your own to get along better in a new culture? Then come to our Intercultural Training! Here, an experienced trainer will help you to strengthen your awareness and sensitivity for cultural differences. In many practical and interactive exercises, you can develop your skills to perceive and use the opportunities of intercultural encounters on campus, deal creatively with differences and thus facilitate your arrival and settling in here. In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask your personal questions in a safe environment.

    When: 05.04.2024,  4 - 7 pm 
    Location: International Office 
    Registration is down below 

  • 06.04.2024| 10am - Intercultural training (German)

    Das Leben in Deutschland ist noch ganz neu und du möchtest lernen, was du selbst tun kannst, um in einer neuen Kultur besser zurechtzukommen? Dann komm zu unserem Interkulturellen Training! Hier hilft Ihnen eine erfahrene Trainerin, Bewusstsein und Sensibilität für kulturelle Unterschiede zu stärken. In vielen praktischen und interaktiven Übungen wird die Fähigkeit entwickelt, die Chancen interkultureller Begegnungen auf dem Campus wahrzunehmen und zu nutzen, kreativ mit Unterschieden umzugehen und so dasAnkommen und Einleben hier zu erleichtern. Darüber hinaus hast du die Möglichkeit, in einem geschützten Rahmen deine persönlichen Fragen zu stellen.

    Zeit: 10 - 13 Uhr 
    Ort: Hochschulbüro für Internationales
    Anmeldung unten 

  • 07.04.2024 | 3pm – Speedfriendship Night & Pot-Luck-Dinner

    a night of Get-to-know-each-other Games and a feast of flavors from around the world. Bring a dish from your country and let's create an international buffet! 

    Meeting point: In the garden of the International Office. 

    Registration for all events down below

Here you can register for the events .
Late-Arrival-Session: 18.04.2024

Students who missed the orientation week are cordially invited to the "Late-Arrival-Session" on 18 April 2024 from 15:00 to 16:30 in the University Office for International Affairs.

The central contents of the welcome events as well as the first steps at the university and in Hanover will be discussed. There will also be enough time for open questions. Please register at incoming-student@uni-hannover.de 


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