Gottfried in a Nutshell

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born 374 years ago today, July 1st.
However, he celebrated his birthday on another day ...

"Gottfried in a Nutshell" is the column of Leibniz University Hannover featuring fascinating facts about Leibniz.
Leibniz researcher Dr. Ariane Walsdorf (Communications and Marketing) presents background information on Leibniz's life.


The book "Gottfried in a Nutshell", by Leibniz expert and science communicator Dr Ariane Walsdorf, explores the life and work of the great scholar and namesake of Leibniz University Hannover, while uncovering his personality. Facts about Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz are presented in German and English - in a concise and entertaining format. The stories connect Leibniz's life with current events while illustrating the motto of LUH: Global thinking, interdisciplinary research: the spirit of Leibniz!

In combination with charming and humorous illustrations by Simon Schirmer - an artist, graphic designer and illustrator based in Hannover - the book provides an entirely new perspective on Leibniz's conceptual cosmos.

Ariane Walsdorf: "Gottfried in a Nutshell", (ed.) Presidential Board of Leibniz University Hannover, with illustrations by Simon Schirmer, German/English, 140 pages.

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Dr. Ariane Walsdorf
Communications and Marketing
Dr. Ariane Walsdorf
Communications and Marketing