The Life and Work of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was born in Leipzig on July 1st, 1646.
From 1661 until 1666 he studied Philosophy and Law in Leipzig and Jena.


1668 - 1672 first employment at the court of the Elector and Chancellor of the Holy Roman Empire Johann Philipp von Schönborn.


1672 - 1676 study of mathematical and theological questions.


First model of the “four species calculating machine”, presentation at the Royal Society in February 1673 and admission to this academy.


1675 discovery of infinitesimal calculus.


1676 – 1679 employed as Counsellor and Librarian to Duke Johann Friedrich of Brunswick-Lüneburg. Scientific, political and forensic work under Duke Ernst August of Hannover.


1682 – 1686 occupied with technical problems at the mines in the Harz Mountains. Commissioned to write a history of the Guelph family.


1691 appointment as Director of the Library
1696 appointment as Privy Counsellor for Justice


1698 - 1716 historical, diplomatic and scientific work under Elector Georg Ludwig of Hannover.

Leibniz died on November 14, 1716. His grave is in the Neustädter Hof- und Stadtkirche St. Johannis in Hannover