Transfer and Patent Strategy

Guided by Leibniz’s motto “theoria cum praxi, Leibniz University Hannover (LUH) intends to bring together knowledge-oriented research and practical application in a mutually beneficial way. The university views transfer as a strategic common obligation, where research findings are applied for the science-based development of society and the industry.

The transfer strategy of Leibniz University Hannover illustrates LUH’s position on transfer, while ensuring transparency with regard to transfer and third mission activities and creates a foundation for acknowledging achievements in this area. Individual fields of action of transfer are regularly expanded in road maps containing specific objectives and measures.

The patent strategy of LUH serves as a basis for transferring research findings – primarily technical inventions – available for industrial property protection through patenting to practical application.

This is an important basis for the transfer of research findings into commercial use, both through knowledge-based spin-offs and in existing companies. LUH has adopted a patent strategy in order to guarantee a high degree of transparency and reliability when handling inventions and technical intellectual property rights, as well as to protect the interests of LUH, its researchers and its cooperation partners.