Mission Statement of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover

For 40 creative years of his life Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz was associated with Hannover. He made major contributions to all areas of contemporary knowledge. His universality and inspiration have created an example and set a commitment for Leibniz University Hannover. We stand for excellence in teaching and research, and attach great importance to the interdisciplinary and international character of our work. We see ourselves as a community striving for scientific and academic insight, seeking sustainable, peaceful and responsible solutions to central issues concerning the future. Our work is thus guided by the motto:

Global thinking, interdisciplinary research: the spirit of Leibniz!  

Our Vision

Universality - our strength is rooted in diversity

Our broad spectrum of subjects ranges from engineering and natural sciences, architecture and environmental planning, law, social sciences, economics and management to the humanities. Only few universities in Germany provide such a varied range of subjects. We are committed to further developing our profile, while attaching particular importance to interdisciplinary teaching and research.

Theoria cum praxi - what is important for life is important for us

At Leibniz University Hannover we consider academic teaching to be a unity of knowledge, reflection on the real world and moral responsibility. Theoria cum praxi means for us, as it did for Leibniz, a synthesis of research guided by insight and application, each benefiting the other.

Creating new ideas - we are committed to excellence in teaching and research

In our eyes, teaching and research are closely interrelated. We create the best possible conditions to be attractive as a university both in Germany and abroad. By refining and developing our profile we aim to be part of the international elite, confidently competing for the best minds in research and teaching.

Our Mission

Teaching as a dialogue – the focus is on the student

We consider teaching to be a dynamic partnership between teacher and taught. Our broad range of subjects provides opportunities for students to gain tailor-made qualifications and opens up a wide variety of avenues for professional and personal development. We educate the experts of tomorrow by offering forward-looking courses with an interdisciplinary focus to interested and motivated students. Our teaching staff are committed to providing the best possible guidance and advice to our students. We constantly review and develop our courses, facilitate the transition from school to university and support life-long learning.

Research as a challenge – we aim for the top

We define core research areas so as to consolidate our strengths and achieve outstanding results in international competition. Our exemplary facilities and cooperation agreements with external institutions provide ideal conditions for research. Excellent education and the support of the next academic generation are among our most important tasks. Challenging and internationally competitive graduate schools contribute to this.

Cooperation as a principle – we work as a team

Our research position is strengthened by regional cooperation agreements with other universities and research institutions. By working closely with industry we play our part in the development of region and state. We support transfer of technology, start-ups and continuing academic education. We maintain teaching and research partnerships with leading universities both nationally and internationally.

Our Values

Ethical Science – we act responsibly

Through our teaching and research we wish to make our contribution towards serving the peaceful cooperation between people and to solving the key issues of our time. Freedom of teaching and research is of paramount importance to us, requiring critical reflection and the appraisal of our actions. We strive for high standards of academic integrity at our university.

Seeking the truth – we foster open-minded enquiry

Our goal is to educate students to be self-reliant, both intellectually and personally. We do this in a critical and constructive way, requiring creativity and an ability to take part in dialogue as a basis for innovation. We are open-minded and place great importance on internationalism in teaching and research. We integrate international students, employees, teaching staff and visitors, and support intercultural skills in all members of Leibniz University Hannover.

Realising the potential of everyone – we open up opportunities

We lead the way in equal opportunities and will wholeheartedly pursue this objective. We support the skills of women and men in all areas. With our family-friendly conditions for studying and working we make it possible to combine studies, work and family.

Progress requires effort – we expect results

We are committed to continuous improvement at all levels of research, teaching and administration, and aim for sustainable development. We measure ourselves not only against our own high standards of success but also against those of our partners. We ask for results and recognise them.

Our Way

Interdisciplinary structures - we lay the foundations for excellence

Our goal is to create flexible structures to facilitate the highest level of interdisciplinary teaching and research. Outstanding results within the disciplines are essential for sustainable interdisciplinary achievements.

A special university ethos - we allow freedom

We support a university ethos which allows freedom for creativity, stimulates dialogue and integrates the disciplines. In our day to day activities we place value on transparent decision-making and partnership. Appropriate quality controls in teaching, research and administration help us to use our resources in the best possible way.

Good facilities - we provide the support

We are service and goal-oriented. We ensure the best conditions for teaching and research by providing the necessary service, spatial and technical infrastructure required for communication and cooperation.

Motivated staff - we are a good employer

Our staff are the root of our success. We provide an attractive and forward-looking place of work and training. We encourage the personal and professional development of our staff.

Mission Statement of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover
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