Quality assurance in onboarding

Onboarding measures illustrate the appreciation of candidates in appointment processes in order to make them feel welcome at LUH. In close collaboration with other internal and external facilities, the appointment management department continuously adapts and develops services according to current requirements of newly appointed professors.

  • Dual Career Service

    The Dual Career Service offers advisory services for partners of newly appointed professors and provides support with career perspectives in Hannover and the surrounding region; therefore increasing the probability of recruiting new professors. In addition to the Dual Career Service, other pre-onboarding services of LUH include the Family Service and the Welcome Service, which promote appreciation of candidates and a welcoming culture.

  • Guide to appointment negotiations

    In order to support candidates and prepare them for the appointment negotiations, they receive information on timelines, required documents and responsible contact persons at LUH.

  • DHV hallmark

    The DHV hallmark for fair and transparent appointment negotiations is awarded by the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers (GAUPL). The certificate confirms the quality of process and negotiation practice at LUH and illustrates the appreciative treatment of candidates. It is awarded for a limited period and requires regular review and enhancement of onboarding measures at LUH.

  • Central contact person for newly appointed professors

    In order to welcome newly appointed professors, initial guidance is provided by the university's central administration. In particular, during the first 100 days at Leibniz University Hannover, a contact person from the university’s central administration will be available to assist newly appointed professors in all aspects.

  • Information, guidance and qualification

    Information and further qualification services are available in order to make newly arrived professors feel welcome: welcome day, informal evening, advisory services, coaching, subject-related and interdisciplinary qualification opportunities.

    In order to prepare tenure track professors for the tenure evaluation, LUH also offers a mentoring programme, a tenure day and at least one tenure meeting after the first year of employment with the Vice President for Appointments, Human Resources and Continuing Education.

Contact person

Dr. Katja Pexa
for Appointments