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Master application - for prospective students from outside the EU

Master's application process for Non-EU applicants

Außenansicht des Hauptgebäudes der LUH (Welfenschloss) in Winter Außenansicht des Hauptgebäudes der LUH (Welfenschloss) in Winter Außenansicht des Hauptgebäudes der LUH (Welfenschloss) in Winter © Zentrale Studienberatung / LUH


Application processes may differ from university to university. In order to apply at Leibniz Universität Hannover please read the following information:

  • Application deadline:
    You must apply within the specified application period.
    Attention: Not all Master's programmes at Leibniz University have the same application deadlines. Please check if there have been any recent changes to the application deadlines for your desired study programme.

  • Direct application:
    In order to apply for a Master's programme, please apply directly to Leibniz Universität Hannover, not via Uni Assist.

  • Online application:
    At Leibniz Universität Hannover, you apply online. There is an application portal for German-language Master's programmes and an application portal for English-language Master's  programmes.
  • Minimum grade / entry grade:
    There is no minimum grade / entry grade for the Master's application. Notwithstanding the currently valid admission regulations for Master's programmes, the minimum grade of 2.5 is no longer applied. The admission regulations will be revised in this regard.


  • Application papers and documents:
    You must submit proof of having completed a Bachelor's degree in a related subject. In case of doubt, the admissions committee will decide whether or not the Bachelor's degree is related to the subject concerned. We need a certified copy of your Bachelor's degree and a certified copy of the translation (in German or English language)

  • Specific requirements:
    Some degree programmes call for specific requirements, such as a letter of motivation, an expert opinion or internships. You can find out which supporting documents are required for the Master's degree you wish to take in the Admission Regulations (written in German) or at the end of the online application. And of course we need a proof of language skills:

  • German language skills:
    Most Master's programmes require proof of German language skills because almost all courses are held in German language! Usually the level B1 is necessary for application and the level C1 (DSH2 or TestDaF 4 o.a.) is necessary to enroll.
    But for some Master's programmes of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics you need only B2 for enrolment. Please send us a certified copy of the proof.
    Exceptions exist for our English Master's programmes. Good German skills are not only important for enabling you to complete the course, they also help you to familiarise yourself quickly in the social and private sphere.

  • English language skills:
    For English Master's programmes you need a proof of English language skills (certified copy):

    • Advanced Anglophone Studies: B2, z.B. IELTS 6.0; Toefl 72
    • Computational Methods in Engineering: C1 (siehe FSZ)
    • European Legal Practice LL.M Joint Degree: B2
    • European Master in Territorial Development: B2 (siehe FSZ)
    • Geodesy and Geoinformatics: C1 (siehe FSZ)
    • International Mechatronics: B2 (siehe FSZ)
    • Meteorology, Physics: B2 (siehe FSZ)
    • Optical Technologies C1 (siehe FSZ)
    • Economics and Management ( for example IELTS 6.0; Toefl 79)

  • Overview: Proof of sufficient English language proficiency for the study at Leibniz Universität Hannover (FSZ)

  • Applications from China and Vietnam:
    It is essential for Chinese and Vietnamese applicants who completed their Bachelor's degree in their home country to submit an original individual APS certificate with their application. APS checks the applicant's qualification for admission to higher education and the academic credits of Chinese applicants wishing to study in Germany. A group APS will not be accepted.

  • Admissions process:
    Places are then awarded by an admissions committee, i.e. a group of professors and staff from the degree course concerned who examine each application individually.

  • After applying:
    After completing the selection process you will either receive a written confirmation or refusal. In the case of a confirmation, you must accept the place of study within a specified period of time and submit any missing documents. Only then the enrollment will be made for the Master's programme.

  • International Orientation Days:
    Special orientation days are offered for international students by the International Office.
When does the next application period start?

Summer Semester 2019

  • The application deadline expired on 15.01.2019.

Winter semester 2019

  • For the upcoming winter semester the application is possible from 15.04.2019-31.05.2019 for all Master's programmes with an early application deadline for applications from non-EU countries.
  • For the upcoming winter semester the application is possible from 01.06.2019 - 15.07.2019 for all Master's programmes with no early application deadline for applications from non-EU countries.
  • For students resuming their studies and transfer students (application in a higher semester) the application is possible from 01.06.2019 - 15.07.2019.

  • Overview: Application deadlines for consecutive Master's programmes at the Leibniz University Hannover

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