Hannover Architectural - old and new in dialogue

Old and New

Foto vom Nord LB Gebäude Foto vom Nord LB Gebäude Foto vom Nord LB Gebäude © HMTG / Martin Kirchner
Architektur der Nord LB in Hannover | Quelle: HMTG / Martin Kirchner

EXPO2000, in particular, was the reason for numerous projects in Hannover which had a lasting influence on the cityscape. The redesigning of the Central Station and, of course, the trade fair site itself are just two examples. Modern large buildings such as the Nord /LB building and the Ghery Tower are also striking. The Old Town and the individual districts with the different flair of the time when they were built, such as Linden, which dates from the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany, encourage one to go exploring in the city.

During the Second World War Hannover was seriously damaged by bombing. This is why most of the half-timbered houses in the Old Town are reconstructions. Nevertheless, this part of the inner city has regained its fascination. Both in summer and in winter there are numerous visitors who make a stop at one of the many bars or cafes, enjoy the Old Town Street Festival, the Christmas Market, or just simply stroll around after visiting the Historical Museum, the flea market or the theatre. One of the most interesting old buildings in the city is also to be found here, the “Old Town Hall” built in the Gothic style. Another special feature is the so-called "New Town Hall”, which was constructed at the beginning of the 20th century on more than 6000 piles made of beechwood. Today it is one of Hannover's symbols and after a trip in its diagonal lift you have one of the best views of Hannover from its dome.