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Grünkohl mit Pinkel (Curly Kale and Sausage)

belebte Straßencafes am Wedekindplatz belebte Straßencafes am Wedekindplatz belebte Straßencafes am Wedekindplatz © HMTG / Martin Kirchner
Straßencafe am Wedekindplatz | Quelle: HMTG / Martin Kirchner

As the capital of the State of Lower Saxony, Hannover naturally also has a number of culinary specialities to offer. During the Old Town Festival at the latest you can wander between the numerous stands and try out food that is unknown in Bavaria or Thüringen. Grünkohl mit Pinkel (curly kale and sausage), for example, can be enjoyed in the season between November and March. Pinkel is a sausage served together with kale and other meat, such as Kasseler (lightly smoked pork loin) or bacon and onions. This is accompanied by boiled or fried potatoes. Other typical dishes are the Hochzeitssuppe, Calenberger Pfannenschlag and Welfenspeise.

International specialities are also easy find in the town which has more than a thousand restaurants. There are many culinary possibilities, both Italian and Greek, Chinese, Arab, Mexican, Indian and also Korean. If you want to find everything under one roof the Market Hall has numerous stands and counters with national dishes from all over the world.