Hannover Musical - Jazz Stonghold for Insiders

It's Great for Jazz Lovers

Jazzclub Jazzclub Jazzclub © HMTG / Martin Kirchner
Musikalische Darbietungen | Quelle: HMTG / Martin Kirchner

The Jazz Club, which was founded more than 35 years ago, is now one of the most famous in the world. International stars come here to enjoy the personal atmosphere in the orange-coloured cellar at Lindener Berg. Whether Dixieland or free jazz, every genre finds a place here. And one day each year jazz rules the town: on Ascension Day hundreds of musicians gather together outside the Town Hall and provide their listeners with jazz from every epoch.

Nor is there any limit to classical music in Hannover. Singers, musicians and ballet dancers demonstrate their skills in the Opera House. The classical concerts or operas in the Orangery in Herrenhausen are a special feature. Here, the idyllic background complements the perfection of the performance. The North German Radio, which is based in Hannover, complements the musical life with its various ensembles, including its Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir and Big Band.

Hannover is right up to date as far as music is concerned: the Scorpions, Mousse T. Scooter are just some of the modern artists who have also gained international success.