Hannover Multi-Faceted - More Than Trade Fairs And Maschsee

Foto der Kroepckeuhr Foto der Kroepckeuhr Foto der Kroepckeuhr © HMTG
Kroepckeuhr im Stadtzentrum | Quelle: HMTG

Hannover, the Expo and Trade Fairs city, naturally has more to offer than CeBIT and Expo history. However, these are most frequently the best known aspects of this multifaceted metropolis.
As the capital city it is the economic centre of Lower Saxony and it also has an international reputation due to the world's biggest computer fair CeBIT.

An additional step is the continued use of the site of the world exposition EXPO 2000. Numerous education and development facilities for multimedia have been established there. Further education institutions and vocational schools involved in the fields of information and communication form a further basis for this new economic centre.